Lisa Leone

My Philosophy:
Listen with a Smile


When you listen with a smile, you find ways to quiet your doubts and open your heart to new possibilities. To me, this is a skill that must constantly be groomed and cultivated, because "moods" are something we choose. They are something we allow to happen. If you choose to be happy and positive, better results will follow.

The Little Things

While I don't get caught up in the "little things" because often that is associated with a tendency to be overly concerned or emotional about small things and become a micromanager, I DO care deeply about the little things. I try to lead gently with positivity, carefully pointing out a more appropriate or joyful alternative for the details that matter.

Dream Big

While I care about the little things, I dream about big things. My goal is to make the experience I am developing feel so much bigger than perhaps other had thought it would become. Whether we are limited by team resources, budget, location, or time, my goal is always: go big, or go home. And, I can figure out just how to make that happen!

My greatest skill:

Network Tapping

I have a major network of local and national vendors that can help support any event I put together, from concerts, to award shows, summits, and corporate retreats; I have the right guy (or girl) for you.

Social Media Integration

So often social media platforms, like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are under-appreciated to support events. And don't forget EventBrite and Meetup, almost no one remembers those! I have worked with them all, integrated them into my promotional plans and used them to engage with guests during events. Meet your guests where they are a—and THAT is where they are.

Chaos Control

It's so important in event planning to know how to keep a calm, cool spirit in the face of chaos and to have contingency plan set up... just in case. So my process of planning always has multiple contingency plans built in. And, if I didn't develop a contingency plan for a particular form of chaos, I simply take a deep breath and say to myself "this is your moment." Because the truth is, you shine when you can do your best in the face of adversity—not when everything is smooth.

Move Fast, Think Slow

While I love to take it easy in my personal life, my adrenaline kicks into high gear the closer I get to an event. In this line of business, time is just as valuable as money because the more time you have to plan and execute, the better the event will be. So, keep up with me!

Always Punctual

I have always found the key to a successful event is making sure that are no major last-minute hiccups. And to combat this, we must be early to deliver. We can stay out in front of last minute revisions, changes, or cancellations, if we know what we are getting into before anyone else does.

Project Management

It's so much more than developing an agenda, securing a location, or selecting a caterer. My role is to create an event that will support the company's mission. By developing and implementing strategies to reach corporate goals, maximize budgets, minimize risks, and manage human resources; and by doing so without restricting creativity or micro-managing, we can create a beautiful event together.

The Only Source of Knowledge:

Work Experience

The Citywide Marketplace
2011 - PRESENT

Event Director

Primary Goal: Manages CWM Facebook and Instagram accounts and increased social media followers by 700%. Increases income for CWM by 40% from vendor fees, sponsorships and community partnerships for more than three years.

Major Responsibilities:

Manages operations and planning of CWM, a weekly arts and farmers market

Creates and maintains community partner and vendor relationships to further the sustainability of the CWM

Continues to development the messaging and branding of CWM's mission: Go Local ALWAYS

Assists and manages event planning and marketing for other CWM events including Annual LOCAL BIZ Tour, Pots & Pans DRIVE and a variety of workshops

Candy Mandy Sugar Standy
2002 - 2010

Event Planner

Results: Together, we grew CMSS to over 50 stores nationwide and received global recognition on several major media outlets for our events at public schools.

Major Responsibilities:

Managed day-to-day operations for a staff of ten producers, including scheduling, training, event kick-off meetings and event recap meetings.

Planned budgets and event logistics for 15 to 20 events per week, including field trips, birthday parties and promotional events within the store and community

Developed relationships with community schools and school staff

Worked with multiple store locations to design and organize grand opening and promotional events

Vision Global RCC
1995 - 2002

Event Coordinator

Results: Together, my team and I brought over 110,000 people to the small Downtown of Lockcrown EVERY year.

Major Responsibilities:

Managed signature events and promotions including: RCC Art Walk, Movies in the Mall and Eat Up Valley Central

Increased attendance and revenue to signature events through new programming and relationships

Oversaw part-time assistant and internship program

Developed collateral pieces including the annual Downtown Guide and Map with 400,000 distributed throughout the Northeast Arizona region

Appeared on local news channels for promotion of events

Soup Group Snoop Tour
1980 - 1995

Concert Manager

Results: Entering the business as an intern and then ultimately managing over 12 different tours and 85 concerts that took place in front of millions!

Major Responsibilities:

Responsible for all aspects of show advance, settlement and tour accounting, travel arrangements, including major involvement with booking agencies, venue managers, staff, record label, regional and international promoters.

Deal with all features from inception to final show performance including stage and instrument set up and breakdown, Front-Of-House, monitor and lighting systems.

Implemented budgets and generated reports for all tours.

Organized marketing and advertisement for tour’s and street teams throughout the country.

Developed and formatted EVENTRIC MASTER TOUR DATABASE, Tour / Production Managing software used as a project tool for tour management.

Formatted archiving systems for the band’s press coverage, setlists and show recordings.

Responsible for all of bands merchandise design, sales and distribution.

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